'Inhalation' oilpaint on canvas, oak list (dyed) choice of 9 paintings

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"Focus" can be bought as a big composition ( 9 paintings of 80 x 80 cm : € 9250,- ) or can be individually acquired. Per painting €1250,-(mail:

This series consist of 9 "Mondrian-like" paintings although that was not the intention of the artist when she started out to create them. Juliette van Bavel wrote down 10 words that expressed 10 emotions/ actions and zoomed in onto a digital level "pixel". So this is how the squares were born. The interaction between the pixels depict the following words:

- Inhalation
- Exhalation
- Inspiration
- Expiration
- Communication
- Duration
- Exploitation
- Exhalation
- Fusion

Please mind the colors on the images are NOT representing the bright colors of the real oil-paintings. Also the structure of the actual thickness of the paint is not shown optimally.

This is due to the photography. NB White is shown as light pink.

Material: Oil-paint on canvas
Heavy oak list , painted

Colours: very bright blue, yellow, gold, green, red

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